Our Team

Linda Clark

Linda Clark, RWP


Linda Clark, RWP, is a certified Right of Way Professional and the co-founder of Clark Land Resources. With her husband, Fred Clark, Sr., they created Clark Land Resources with the intent to raise up the next generation of right of way agents with a high degree of ethics and integrity. She is responsible for the oversight of contract compliance and legal risk analysis. Her responsibilities include ensuring customer satisfaction through timely and efficient project deliverables, creating a company culture of high integrity, and providing staff with ample resources for continuing education and training. Linda’s goal is to provide a company of viable health – meaning financially, physically, and mentally — for its employees who in turn perform an outstanding job for Clark Land’s clients.

Fred Clark

Fred W. Clark, Sr., SR/WA

Sr. Vice President/COO/Owner

As Chief Operations Officer, Fred’s role is to oversee the acquisition, inspection, protection, and management of land rights (easement and fee interest) for municipalities and utility companies. Fred draws on his 50 years of experience serving municipalities, public service providers, private utilities on water, as well as electric and gas distribution or transmission projects to mentor Clark Land’s staff.

Fred has overseen a variety of right of way projects and has worked successfully with property owners and public agency representatives to negotiate workable solutions for all parties. He has handled every detail in the acquisition process, from property research to developing land use agreements to expert testimony for condemnation cases to encroachment monitoring. Fred has provided relocation assistance to displaced property owners. He has also developed, franchised and permitted joint use agreements.

a photo of Alexandria Clark

Alexandria Clark, SR/WA

Chief Strategy Officer/Owner

As the Chief Strategy Officer at Clark Land, Alexandria is involved in all aspects of the company, including promoting our company culture, collaborating on operations, maintaining client satisfaction, facilitating financial success, and developing new business. She is passionate about right-of-way, Clark Land employees, and Clark Land clients.

Alexandria has over 12 years of experience in right-of-way and office administration. She continues to grow her knowledge through education and outstanding mentors.

Sue Cope

Sue Cope, SR/WA

Executive Manager of Administration/Corporate Secretary

Sue is a driving force behind the implementation of programs to educate and train Clark Land staff in excellent and responsive customer service for all of Clark Land’s clients. She is a licensed real estate salesperson and serves as the Principal in Charge on many of Clark Land’s projects. Sue has over 30 years of experience working with municipal, state, and federal project teams in support of public works and utility projects. Sue also oversees Clark Land’s functional areas for Marketing, Human Resources and Administration.

a photo of Steve Fox

Steve Fox, SR/WA

Executive Manager of Operations

Steve has over 18 years of experience in the right of way industry. He has overseen projects throughout the Western United States. Steve’s experience includes directly managing and providing advisory support for a broad range of projects, from energy to transportation. He has worked with municipal and state agencies in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, as well as numerous entities in the private sector. Steve specializes in Organizational Development, Relationship Building, Quality Management, and Coaching. Steve is a CLIMB Certified Instructor for the IRWA .

John Hutter

John Hutter, SR/WA

Southern California Regional Operations Manager

John Hutter stands as an unwavering leader boasting over four decades of invaluable expertise, notably encompassing 15 years as a Supervisor in the Right of Way domain. His tenure reflects a stellar track record of precise organization, focused orientation toward objectives, and commitment to customer satisfaction. John is a problem-solver who can anticipate challenges and craft diverse, effective solutions that elevate efficiency. His reputation within the Right of Way industry is a testament to his adeptness in project management, teamwork, and seamless development and execution of programs.

Mike Flanagan

Michael Flanagan, SR/WA, R/W-NAC

Professional Development Manager/Client Service Manager

Mike has over 30 years of experience in the ROW industry and has held Board and Region Chair positions with the International Right of Way Association (IRWA). He holds a Senior Right of Way Agent Certification and Right of Way Negotiation Certification with the IRWA. He uses his experience working with large metropolitan public agencies and water utilities to mentor Clark Land staff in acquiring fee, easement, temporary construction and other property rights for construction of electric and gas utilities, pipelines, pump stations, roads, bridges, county libraries, sheriff sub-stations, county health facilities as well as large acreages for Parks & Recreation or mitigation. Mike is responsible for the successful customer satisfaction of Clark Land’s projects for municipal agencies.

Jim Fishinger

Jim Fishinger, RWP

Corporate Real Estate Broker

Jim is responsible for quality control at Clark Land. Jim started in the Real Estate Industry in 1985 and became a Broker in 1991. His experience includes overseeing the creation of over 500 lots in Southern California, working with engineers, land planners, environmental consultants, government authorities and utilities to take medium to large parcels through the approval process so they could then be sold to merchant builders with the entitlements they require. He has also worked with a considerable amount of residential real estate, including relocation. He has trained numerous agents and reviewed contracts for compliance to real estate law.

Vince McCaw

Vince McCaw, SR/WA

Project Manager

Vince McCaw is a dependable leader with 30+ years of experience including 20 years as a Project Manager in the Right of Way field. He is well-organized, extremely goal-oriented, and customer-focused. Vince is an analytical problem solver and can anticipate issues and develop alternative courses of action to resolve concerns and improve efficiency. He is well respected in the Right of Way industry and has experience in project management, staff management, program development, and implementation. Vince is a former IRWA Region 1, Chapter 11 President, Nominations and Elections Chair, and Professional of the Year Award Recipient.

Kirk Van Heusen

Kirk Van Heusen, SR/WA

Project Manager

Kirk is highly productive and works to facilitate project completion through the negotiations/liaisons with contractors, property owners, and agencies while maintaining the records of the land rights and permit files to document interactions and keeps a timeline for when to renew or close with a signed release. Kirk has 30 years of diversified experience in pipeline, transportation, power line, wireless telecommunication, solar, and wind on major utility construction projects including the California High Speed Rail. He has worked on project feasibility studies identifying permitting requirements, cost analysis, land values and damages, assisted planning route and facility locations, has had the advantage to have worked on all sides of a project’s management, site acquisition/permitting, and construction/engineering.

Asstin Fritts

Austin Fritts, SR/WA

Project Manager

Austin brings a variety experience to the Clark Land team and has over 10 years of experience in right of way projects for electric power line rehabilitation and pipeline construction. His experience includes the title and property rights research, interpretation, negotiation, project management, permitting and other right of way agent duties. Austin oversees multiple teams of right of way agents performing design review, easement acquisition, title research, site analysis, and project closeout responsibilities.

Fred Rasmussen

Fred Rasmussen

Sr. Right of Way Agent (BIA work, transportation, electric, gas)

Fred has over 45 years of experience in right of way/property acquisition, property sales, leases, purchases, valuation and analysis, development studies, permitting, negotiation, environmental analysis and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) work with Federal Agencies. He has worked across the country on large profile projects to meet project schedules for construction team access of utility projects. He has excellent communication skills and outstanding relationships with Bureau of Indian Affairs and other public regulatory agencies.

Sabrina Boothe

Sabrina Boothe, RWA

Human Resources Manager

Sabrina is a SHRM Certified Professional and a certified Right of Way Agent who brings to Clark Land a diverse background and outstanding strengths in organization, HR Systems and employee support. Her backgrounds give her the flexibility to provide a wide variety of tasks including human resources management, database management, website design, and property management administration.

Camille Trinkel

Camille Trinkle

Marketing Manager

Camille Trinkle, RWP, is Clark Land’s Marketing Manager. Camille responds to requests for proposals for upcoming projects. Camille oversees Clark Land’s advertising, social media, business development, and the development of collateral materials. Camille also has experience working in right of way services from her nearly 10 years with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Contact Camille if you have a project that we can help you with.