Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To acquire, protect, and manage land rights for public and private entities with integrity and respect toward all stakeholders.

quality integrity and trust our mission statement

Clark Land’s staff conducts themselves in a way that establishes confidence, trust, and respect on the part of the general public and all users of right of way services.

Our commitment to integrity is demonstrated by both management and staff. For instance, Clark Land is a Company and previous Board member on the Right of Way Consultants Council (ROWCC). The ROWCC is a consortium of right of way firms that have worked together to develop higher standards of ethical and industry practices.

Additionally, Clark Land strictly adheres to the IRWA Standard Code of Ethics which is centered upon the basic principles of professional competence, character, integrity, fairness, commitment, and trustfulness. These fundamental principles provide the foundation for establishing and maintaining all of our professional relationships.

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Our Vision

Clark Land will improve the quality of life in our communities by being the cornerstone of outstanding ethics and performance in the Right of Way Industry.

Our Values

HONESTWe are trustworthy and act in good faith. Always.

HUMBLEWe value and serve others with kindness, patience, and compassion.

PASSIONATEWe are committed and prepared to grow, learn, and do our best.

POSITIVEWe focus on the good. We are constructive, optimistic, and confident.

LOYALWe have a firm allegiance to our company, our coworkers, our clients, and our communities.

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