Company Certifications

Clark Land holds several state and public agency certifications as a woman-owned, small, and emerging small local business in both Texas and California. A copy of our certifications are provided below.

Additionally, our staff hold professional certifications and licenses as Senior Right of Way Agents, Right of Way Professionals, Right of Way Agents, and both real estate salespersons and real estate brokers.

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right of way consultants council

WBE Certification – Texas

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TREC Right-of-Way Agent Certificate of Registration


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WBE Certification – California

WBE certification

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DGS Certification – California

DGS Certification - California

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California DIR | Public Works Contractor Registration Certificate

California DIR certificate

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Metro LA Certification – California

Metro LA Certification

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Metropolitan Water District Certification – California

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WBE Certification – Oregon

WBE Oregon Certification

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